About Us

Hey there, EA FC fans! 👋

We are Jake and Liam, two football enthusiasts just like you. We have a story to share and we believe it can help many players out there. So, let’s dive right in!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, we both got hooked on FC 24’s Ultimate Team. We were so passionate about building our dream squads! We wanted those amazing players – Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé – to show off to our friends and score some incredible goals. So, what did we do? We spent a lot of our pocket money (and even some birthday cash) on FIFA Points, hoping to pack these superstars.

But here’s the kicker – no matter how many packs we opened, we mostly ended up with players we didn’t really want. It was frustrating! 😔 We felt like we were throwing our money away and not getting the value we hoped for.

ea sports fc 24 icons

That’s when we had a lightbulb moment! 💡

We thought, “What if we can find ways to earn coins and points without spending real money?” And so, we dived deep into the game, researched extensively, and tried out various strategies. After months of trial and error, we finally discovered some awesome tips and tricks that can help players get free coins and points on Ultimate Team!

We decided we wanted to give back to the community. We remembered how disappointed we felt after spending so much, and we didn’t want others to feel the same way. So, we built this website to share our knowledge. Our mission is simple: to help you build your dream FC 24 Ultimate Team without breaking the bank.

That’s why we decided to build and publish the FC 24 coin generator for the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. Everyone around the globe should be able to get free FC 24 coins and points without worrying of wasting money!

So, whether you’re a newbie or a FIFA veteran, we’ve got your back! Take a look around, try out our tips, and let’s score some goals together! 🎮⚽️

Thanks for being a part of our journey. Let’s play smart and save together! If you have any questions, please message us or read our FAQ.

Cheers, Jake & Liam